We aren’t fully back as Rob is absent but Seamus is joined by Alice and Ronan. Our podcast year begins with the seemingly now-traditional winter complaining about the meta.


Is CI too good? Are other corps too bad, or are runners to blame?

Thanks for Alexis Spicer for allowing us to use her fantastic CI alt-art which you can buy here!


Wee Episode No. 2

Just in case Fantasy Flight don’t come through with another New Year’s Eve MWL update, we bring you another mini-episode. Seamus is joined by Iain to – somewhat drunkenly – build Criminal and Weyland decks using a single copy of the revised core set.


We suggest listening to this episode whilst watching fireworks and ignoring your friends and family as the clock strikes twelve, or alternatively as a hangover cure when you emerge from the festivities tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Netrunner New Year, everyone!

Auld Lang SYN Attack

With conversations recorded both at Worlds and following the the UK Rankings Final in glamorous Reading, we discuss the competitive meta at the close of 2017.

At the end of the year that had people declaring Netrunner dead, Rob and Seamus are joined by Dave Hoyland, Mark Mottram, Chris Dyer, Laurie Poulter and Mike Prosser.


Will they be celebrating the game’s resurrection or determining the time of death? Listen on to find out!

Letter from America (Part 1)

Half of the Bagpiper team went to worlds! Whether it was the better or worse half we’ll leave to your judgement, but Seamus believes the answer is obvious.


In this first part of our coverage of the greatest week in gaming, Seamus, Even, Jonny and Stephen talk about their hopes, their dreams and their fears through the week of worlds up until the day of the main event.

We break our tradition of naming episodes after Netrunner cards forced through a mostly imagined prism of Scottish idioms in honour of this classic song and Alistair Cooke‘s excellent radio programme.

If you are desperate to hear our three-weeks old thoughts on a tournament that – at the time of recording – had not yet taken place, then this is the episode for you. It’s also our first ever episode partly recorded in an airport!


The Makar’s Eye

When Theophilius Bagpiper told Rob and Seamus that he wanted them to interview former lead designer of Netrunner, Damon Stone, their minds filled with visions of transatlantic luxury flights and the glitz and glamour of California.


Once our hosts were unpacked from their shipping crate they were at least relieved to see the handsome face of Damon there to greet them. Ostensibly sent to find out about Core 2.0 and reflect on Damon’s time at the helm of Netrunner, things quickly turn breakfast-y. In our hosts’ defence, they had had a long flight.

Wee Episode No. 1

One evening Rob and Seamus found themselves at a loose end and decided to build some decks with the new core set that has everyone so excited. Theophilius, ever hungry for content, demanded they record and release their efforts.

chaos theory

We can’t be held accountable for the quality of the episode or the decks but if you really have nothing better to do you can now listen to your hosts build some decks and even watch them play a game on jinteki.net.

That’s right. We finally have (some very, very bad) video content!

The Chaos Theory and Making News decks we built can be found here and here.

Friends in Highland Places

Tired of the wait, Theophilius Bagpiper has recruited a pair of new hosts from the many poor unfortunates who have found themselves in his debt.


Fresh hosts are an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and that means an end to the off-topic nonsense that marred this podcast’s early episodes. Join Iain and Ronan as they get serious reviewing datapacks, beginning with the Genesis Cycle.

What will our new podcasteers make of Janus 1.0, the fearsome four-sub bioroid that’s sure to be dominating the meta for years to come?

But! Before they get to the inevitable job of dismissing this new Whizzard fellow as having a far too narrow ID ability, they discuss the European Championships with guests Seamus and Rob!

Net Polis

Cyber-criminals are in hiding and corps are cleaning up their acts. And they’d better, because the NAPD are cracking down on cyber and white-collar crime once again.


There is (finally) a new update to the Most Wanted List! It hits many of the cards that have been making people sad for some time and was accompanied by a host of heartwarming typos.

With Theophilius Bagpiper in hiding, Seamus and Rob have been celebrating with Netrunner and booze. We recommend you consume this podcast whilst mildly hung over with eggs prepared in the style of your choice.