Wee Episode No. 2

Just in case Fantasy Flight don’t come through with another New Year’s Eve MWL update, we bring you another mini-episode. Seamus is joined by Iain to – somewhat drunkenly – build Criminal and Weyland decks using a single copy of the revised core set.


We suggest listening to this episode whilst watching fireworks and ignoring your friends and family as the clock strikes twelve, or alternatively as a hangover cure when you emerge from the festivities tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Netrunner New Year, everyone!


Auld Lang SYN Attack

With conversations recorded both at Worlds and following the the UK Rankings Final in glamorous Reading, we discuss the competitive meta at the close of 2017.

At the end of the year that had people declaring Netrunner dead, Rob and Seamus are joined by Dave Hoyland, Mark Mottram, Chris Dyer, Laurie Poulter and Mike Prosser.


Will they be celebrating the game’s resurrection or determining the time of death? Listen on to find out!