Friends in Highland Places

Tired of the wait, Theophilius Bagpiper has recruited a pair of new hosts from the many poor unfortunates who have found themselves in his debt.


Fresh hosts are an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and that means an end to the off-topic nonsense that marred this podcast’s early episodes. Join Iain and Ronan as they get serious reviewing datapacks, beginning with the Genesis Cycle.

What will our new podcasteers make of Janus 1.0, the fearsome four-sub bioroid that’s sure to be dominating the meta for years to come?

But! Before they get to the inevitable job of dismissing this new Whizzard fellow as having a far too narrow ID ability, they discuss the European Championships with guests Seamus and Rob!

Net Polis

Cyber-criminals are in hiding and corps are cleaning up their acts. And they’d better, because the NAPD are cracking down on cyber and white-collar crime once again.


There is (finally) a new update to the Most Wanted List! It hits many of the cards that have been making people sad for some time and was accompanied by a host of heartwarming typos.

With Theophilius Bagpiper in hiding, Seamus and Rob have been celebrating with Netrunner and booze. We recommend you consume this podcast whilst mildly hung over with eggs prepared in the style of your choice.


Tatty Jones

Whizzard is dead, Andromeda is on the lam, Chaos Theory is too sad to netrun*. Investors have done the maths on Stronger Together and shares are plummeting.

Old Theophilius Bagpiper isn’t worried though. And why? Because he isn’t rotating.

This month (ish), Rob and Seamus are joined by UK Nats top 16 finisher and full-time son of a bitch, Jonny to talk about the big event on the horizon for everyone’s favourite cyber-noir living cardgame.

No, not Terminal Directive.

No, not a new MWL.

No! We’re talking about rotation.

* I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Ark Lochdown

And we’re back!

For the difficult second episode we’ve brought out the big guns – Andy’s big guns to be exact. He’s tiny, he’s strong and he’s excited to be on the podcast!


Off the back of talking about competitive play we move on to a kind of Netrunner far more stressful and tense than the second game of the grand final of any tournament.

It’s draft time, baby.


If you have funny stories from your own drafts or an animal noise you’d like to share please get in touch!

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@theobagpiper on the Twitter

Irn Bru Level Clearance – The first ever Theophilius Bagpiper podcast!

Introducing the Theophilius Bagpiper Podcast.

In our first episode we discuss the NAPD Most Wanted List and competitive Netrunner more broadly. Hosts Seamus and Rob are joined by fierce competitor and lovely man, Matthew, to help them make sense of what’s good, what’s too good and what makes your opponent saddest.

If you listen to the whole thing you’ll find out why there’s a picture of Seamus holding a potato here. Who could resist such a mystery?